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Mature Dating UK – Creating a Great Senior Dating Profile

Have the right attitude and approach in creating the best online senior profile. Before you begin creating it, think about how you want people to get a whole picture of you in just a few words. Put this in your profile and be honest with the details.
• Personal Information — this is the most important part of your profile. Be honest in your input. Don’t start a relationship with a lie and misunderstanding.

• Photo — this is the lifeblood of your online profile. Put a recent picture and at least 5- 6 photos. The photos should be in different backgrounds and have at least one or two close-ups.

• Fun greeting — Think of a fun greeting that is connected with your personal information.

• Video / Audio – have a video or audio greeting. Make it a short clip talking about yourself and what you are looking for in a person.

• Backgrounds and Icons — add a little fl

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